• Luxury bed and breakfast at the Palace in Nakło.

Bed & Breakfast in the Palace at Nakło

Step back into the 18th century when you stay with us in the Palace at Nakło. We promise you a memorable adventure in one of old Europe’s most undiscovered destinations.

Located in south-central Poland, the Palace sits in the village of Nakło, at the northernmost tip of the Eagle Nests, a chain of medieval castles that draws thousands of visitors each year to the nearby Jurassic Highlands. And we’re only a one-hour drive from Kraków, Poland’s mysterious City of Kings. Forty-five minutes to the west, you can visit the Jasna Góra monastery at Częstochowa, guardian of Poland’s patron saint, The Black Madonna.

Cycling, cross-country skiing, rock climbing and golf are among the recreational offerings in our region.

When you stay with us, you’ll leave knowing you’ve helped save a bit of Polish history and contributed to the growth of our local economy. Your room fees go directly to The Nakło Foundation, which is dedicated to maintaining the Palace as a historical treasure under the protection of the Polish National Heritage Institute. The Foundation also supports a wide range of local economic development and cultural activities.

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