“Our first trip to Poland, and the Palace! We had an incredible visit – playing horseshoes, eating mushrooms; and a fun-filled weekend in Kraków. Thank you so much for the most amazing time.”
– Peter and Amy Buchanan-Smith, New York

“What an amazing, magical place with magnificent people. Never have I felt so warmly welcome. I don’t want to leave.”
– Alberta Dooley, Boise, Idaho, USA

“Great Polish hospitality with the flavor of Indiana – horseshoes and barbecue. Strawberries, beet root, raddish, sausage. I recommend the jungle room. A fascinating place with a lot of stories and many more to come. Thank you for inviting a strange, wandering painter to your lovely dream in progress.”
– David Molesky, San Francisco

“This wonderful place is the true meaning of serenity – good people, good food, good karma for all with the good fortune to be invited. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. Nakło is the real stuff.”
– Kerry Smith, New York

“You made our European adventure complete.”
– Mick & Judy Cochran, Washington, D.C.

“Thanks for two calm days. And especially for the dental help.”
– Helmut Kruse, Budapest

“A” for America; “P” for Poland. AP = “All perfect.”
– Anna Tychmanowicz, Warsaw

“We have been to Europe many, many times but never before have we stayed in a palace! In every way, you have treated us like royalty. We can never hope to equal your talent for hospitality, but we hope you will visit us in the States and give us a chance to try.”
– Carol and Andy Kner, New York City

“Had a great time; golf, food and alcohol.”
– Levis Minford, Bahamas

“Ah, the joy of finding fellow Hoosiers in the land of Chopin. May your restoration be blessed with love, passion and clarity.”
– Marty Steffens, Columbia, Missouri

“This place is beyond fabulous.”
– Carol Rosen, Binghamton, NY

“Thank you for making my first time in Poland a more memorable stay. You are wonderful.”
– Gary Weinand, Chicago

“This is the place to live, and never die.”
– Julek Donajski, Warsaw


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