• Sukiennice and main square in Kraków.
    Main square in Kraków, the City of Kings

Nakło in the parish of Lelów is at the northern edge of Poland’s Jurassic region, and is a great base from which you can easily visit several unique attractions, including:

Auschwitz Memorial & Museum
Jasna Góra Sanctuary in Częstochowa
Eagles’ Nests Castles
Kraków, The City of Kings
Wieliczka Salt Mines
Kraków Jewish Culture Festival
Polish Jurassic Highlands

The Gruesome Legends of Olsztyn Castle

Olsztyn Castle is only a 20-minute drive from The Palace at Naklo. I just happened upon a compilation of rather gruesome legends. There’s said to be a ghost that wanders around around the castle during dark nights. It is the ghost of Maciek from Borkowice – the governor of Poznań. A political opponent of King Casimir the Great, Maciek called a confederacy against the king. Therefore he was expelled from the country but returned four years later and still conspired against the king. Finally he was captured in Kalisz and sentenced to death by starvation in the dungeons of the castle’s main tower. As an inmate he received only a jar of water a day and a bundle of hay. Reportedly he withstood forty days and his groans and curses were heard throughout the castle. Some also argue that once, mad with hunger, he began to bite and devour his flesh. According to an unconfirmed rumor, such harsh punishment was the king’s personal revenge for Maciek’s secret trysts with the queen. More gruesome legends.

Other Attractions

A wonderful trip is a tour of the oft secluded mansions and palaces in the basin of the Vistula and Pilica Rivers, often away from the main roads. Not far away, you’ll find Pieskowa Skała castle and its many rock formations, including Hercules Club and the Łokieta Grotto, as well as the Błędowska Desert.

Our area also offers a wide variety of recreational activities, including golf, rafting, rock-climbing, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and more.

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